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Services providing your cash - handling of postal money orders in Polish to the 15 Chambers of Treasury along with subordinate tax offices and 12 Customs Chambers.
At the earlier plea hearing, the prosecutor told the Court that, had the case proceeded to trial, the Government's evidence would have proven that on September 9, 2005, RODRIGUEZ ARCE purchased $18,000 in postal money orders, but did so at nine different post offices throughout Worcester County in order to avoid having to produce identification.
Postal Inspectors, the scam begins when someone needing help to cash phony postal money orders contacts a victim by e-mail, through an Internet chat room or on-line auction site.
Implementation of postal money orders and their possible returns in the absence of their delivery.
Postal Money Orders to PACHECO at addresses and commercial mail receiving agency accounts he controlled.
Contract notice: Provision of postal services in the delivery of postal money orders in domestic and foreign markets for the tax chamber in kielce and tax offices of the.
Buyers must pay with cash, postal money orders, certified checks or cashier's checks.