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LOCS III versus the Oxford Clinical Cataract Classification and Grading System for the assessment of nuclear, cortical and posterior subcapsular cataract.
SLIT LAMP EXAMINATION: OU- posterior subcapsular cataract present.
17) A large intervention study comparing a vitamin E formulation to placebo showed no effect on age-related cataract incidence (18) and although a multivitamin/mineral formulation was found to help reduce the risk of nuclear cataract compared to placebo, it increased the risk of posterior subcapsular cataract.
Morphologically(Table 3), Lamellar cataract was found in the maximum no of patients accounting for 15 (50%) cases, followed by Posterior Subcapsular Cataract in 6(20%) cases, Total cataract in 5(17%) cases, Nuclear in 3(10%) cases & Posterior Polar in 1(3%) case (Figure 2).

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