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Though the posterior column had a high correlation with neurologic damage, this is believed to be related to classification system's basis on anatomy and the location of the spinal cord.
Currently, a trabecular metal cup with augmentation is probably the most reasonable option for patients with severe bone loss; however, the preoperative 3D printed model revealed that the largest trabecular metal cup available did not extend from the posterior column to the pubis, and the contact area between living bone and the implant would have been too small even if metal augmentation was used.
Caption: Figure 2: Magnetic resonance imaging spine showing signal changes in posterior column cervical cord Vitamin B12 deficiency
Magnetic resonance imaging of the spine showed posterior column hyperintensity.
Paraspinal-approach indirect reduction and fixation without fusion provides another treatment option for managing TLBF, in which there is an intact posterior longitudinal ligament and injury to the anterior and middle columns or to the anterior, middle and posterior columns (Denis type B).
Subsequently we support the viewpoint in literature1015 that the combined approach should be used only for the burst fracture with significant posterior column injury.
The efficiency of laminectomy seems to be questionable, and it may destabilize the posterior column and increase kyphosis and fixation failure; however, it will remain controversial until evidence-based guideline is available.
All the 47 cases were injured in high-energy trauma and according to the Letounel classification, there were 10 cases of transverse acetabular fracture, 11 cases of posterior column and poste- rior wall fractures, 12 cases of transverse and posterior wall fractures with central dislocation of the femoral head, 8 cases of both-column fractures and 6 cases of T-shaped fracture.
These lines are: the iliopectineal line which is formed by the anterior column of the acetabulum, the ilioischial line which is formed by the posterior column of the acetabulum, the anterior and posterior lips of the acetabulum (Solomon et al 2001, Wheeless 2008).
The posterior column is assessed by measuring the range of movement of the cervical spine and the ability of the patient to achieve a 'sniffing' position.
(40) Burst fractures can have a similar appearance on plain film, but MRI allows for the examination of the posterior column and PLC to appropriately diagnose the injury (Figure 12).
The posterior column is made up of the remaining ligamentous and vertebral structures.

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