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The complete response letter (CRL) indicates that the FDA is unable to approve the application in its present form and requests additional substantiating evidence to demonstrate efficacy of IVT sirolimus in the treatment of noninfectious uveitis of the posterior segment.
A possible explanation for this discrepancy is that our study included patients with Behcet's uveitis, which is a specific uveitis group in which posterior segment involvement is more common.
The variation of the right lobe posterior segment bile duct that drained to the left hepatic bile duct is described as type 3A according to the classification of Huang et al.
Visual acuity was 6/6, anterior segment examination was unremarkable while posterior segment examination revealed golden sheen over the fundus and Mizou Nakamura phenomenon.
Ocular ultrasound was performed in children with no fundus view to rule out posterior segment pathology.
IOFB was impacted in anterior segment in 20% cases while it was impacted in posterior segment in 80% cases.
Results suggested that topical rocuronium bromide administration may be safely used for pupillary dilation in Hispaniolan Amazon parrots and could be used for clinical evaluation, fundus imaging, and surgical interventions involving the lens and posterior segment in this species.
The left fundus viewed by indirect ophthalmoscopy was hazy because of anterior segment findings but showed a grossly normal posterior segment.
On coronal views from magnetic resonance images (MRI) of both knee joints, the posterior segment of the lateral meniscus was seen in the intercondylar space, and there was only a small space for the lateral meniscus in its normal location between the articular surfaces of the lateral femoral condyle (LFC) and the LTP (Figure 1(a)).
Posterior uveitis is a chronic, non-infectious inflammatory disease affecting the posterior segment of the eye, often involving the retina, which is a leading cause of blindness in the developed and developing countries.
The clinical and experimental drugs for the posterior segment treatments include both small and large molecules (such as siRNA, antibodies, growth factors, DNA), but delivering these molecules to the target sites is problematic.
Posterior segment findings were present in 16 patients (13.

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