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POSTERIORITY, rights. Being or, coming after. It is a word of comparison, the correlative of which is priority; as, when a man holds lands from two landlords, he holds from his ancient landlord by priority and from the other by posteriority. 2 Inst. 392.
     2. These terms, priority and posteriority, are also used in cases of liens the first are prior liens, and are to be paid in the first place; the last are posterior liens, and are not entitled to payment until the former have been satisfied.

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Streck postulates that at one time the Akkadian tense system consisted only of iprus, denoting priority in time, and iparras, denoting contemporaneity and posteriority in time; iptaras existed only as a derived stem.
Discussing modal theory, Calvin Normore rightly takes his distance from the possible-world semantic model that has been imposed on Scotus, and he shows that Scotus never completely divorced time and modalities, "retaining a significant distinction between the modal status of the past and that of the future and the use of notions of priority and posteriority modeled on temporal relations in his account of the contingency of the present" (p.
62) Scientists perceive and describe an aspect of this integral system in terms of a certain linear spatio-temporal order of priority and posteriority governing things and events in nature, some of which they posit as antecedent 'causes' for others, the consequent 'effects', whereas in reality causal efficacy lies with God alone.
There is tension between any view which claims that the object denoted is all that names and simple referring terms contribute to propositions expressed by sentences in which they appear, and the apparent a posteriority of identity statements containing different but codesignative names.
51) Hence, there would be a (real) distinction between an extrinsic act of cognition and any being of reason that might subsequently (with posteriority of causal dependence rather than of time(52)) terminate it as an object.