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POSTERIORITY, rights. Being or, coming after. It is a word of comparison, the correlative of which is priority; as, when a man holds lands from two landlords, he holds from his ancient landlord by priority and from the other by posteriority. 2 Inst. 392.
     2. These terms, priority and posteriority, are also used in cases of liens the first are prior liens, and are to be paid in the first place; the last are posterior liens, and are not entitled to payment until the former have been satisfied.

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Although being (mawjiid), as you know, is not a genus and is not predicated equally (bi-t-tasawi) of what is beneath it, yet it [refers to] a [single] shared meaning [predicated] with respect to priority and posteriority (ma'na muttafaq fihi 'ala t-taqdim wa-t-ta'hif).
In the absence of one of the markers mentioned in Table 2, the only other way in which Otomi subordinate clauses are distinct from main clauses is the occurrence of certain tense markers, which code person plus Contemporality, Posteriority or Anteriority, and cliticize to the verb.
The a posteriority of the conclusion is the result of "spill-over" from the empirical minor premise.
Thus, with respect to the temporal coexistence of the two movements, the mind assigns a priority to one and a posteriority to the other.
The temporal rhetoric, the appeal to posteriority in time, is therefore doubly useful.
It is after all an exemplary reading of Englishness in the modern city epic fashion, He is a 'fabulist' of the identity theme, nurturing a project which is not offered up as a monadic entity, but an imagined and reified form of writing for posteriority.
The very separation, in the emblem, of the two dimensions of the sign, presentation and representation, signifier (the picture) and signified (the caption), exposes the artificiality and the posteriority of meaning-making.
Abstract: The combination and possible relations between the different types of entities present in the first Aristotelian essentialism govern the ontological economy in Categories by establishing priority and posteriority links among substances (I will refer to such vertical links as R1) on the basis of some criteria that Aristotle tries to clarify.
14) In the eschatology of the trace, the anteriority and the posteriority of the historical totality merge in "the absolute past which unites all times," except--one might add--the forever present tense of consciousness and representation.
As images of posteriority [ruins] reveal the primordiality of the temporal law dial holds sway over their obsolescence.
All that the principle affirms is that the mere difference of priority and posteriority in time is not a reasonable ground for having more regard to the consciousness of one moment than to that of another.
The dating of events enables us to identify a given event's anteriority or posteriority relative to other events, such as the first contacts with an NGO and language courses taken by claimants which preceded their first jobs.