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The Holy Prophet was the posthumous child, his father Abdullah having died shortly before he was born.
The bill will also allow posthumous child donors as well.
66) Another revision implements a time frame for when a posthumous child must be born in order to be able to inherit--the child must either be "in utero not later than 36 months after the individual's death" or "born not later than 45 months after the individual's death.
Louisiana takes a similar position, recognizing the posthumous child as the child of the decedent if there is written consent by the decedent, the child's mother is the decedent's surviving spouse, and the child is born within three years of the decedent's death.
It questions the propriety and very possibility of ascertaining the "presumed wishes" of the deceased for a posthumous child.
Diane re-mortgaged her home when HFEA tried to stop her from using sperm taken from her dying husband Stephen's body without his written permission, in order to bear a posthumous child by him.
Chun/Daily News (3) William Kane Planned posthumous child
The Arkansas Supreme Court noted that state intestacy law required a posthumous child to be born after, but conceived before, the decedent's death to be able to inherit: "'Posthumous descendants of the intestate conceived before his or her death but born thereafter shall inherit in the same manner as if born in the lifetime of the intestate.