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POSTILS, postillae. Marginal notes made in a book or writing for reference to other parts of the same, or some other book or writing.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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As a theologian, Trueman argues convincingly that Robert Barnes was not a Lutheran on Christmas Eve 1525, when he preached a sermon on Luther's postil for the day; at the same time, the authorities were bound to consider him Lutheran for preaching on an author who had been condemned and banned as heretical.
And since a pistol grip is often found on military-type weapons, the anti-gunners believe that they can brainwash the public into viewing all rifles (with postil grips) as being too lethal for civilians to possess.
(WA 10 I, 2, 168, 18-26, Advent Postil, 1522; my translation)
(WA 17 II, 100, 26-101, 4, Lent Postil, 1525; my translation)
(15.) "Advent Church Postils," (1521), WA 7:502, 34 f.: "Quando autem pene universa scriptura totiusque Theologiae cognitio pendet in recta cognitione legis et Euangelii (Nearly the entire Scripture and the knowledge of all theology depends upon the correct understanding of law and gospel.)" Though nearly identical, this is not the Advent Postil on Matthew 11:2-10 translated in The Sermons of Martin Luther (Grand Rapids, Mich.: Baker Books, 1996) 1:87-113.
For unless spiritual knowledge and the Spirit Himself speak through the preachers whom I do not wish hereby to limit, for the Spirit teaches better how to preach than all the postils and homilies, the final result will be that everyone preaches his own whims and instead of the Gospel and its exposition we shall again have sermons on blue ducks.
Robert Kolb examines Martin Chemnitz's postils concerning the role of good works and the Law in the life of the believer.
(46) And one at Cologne University of the English issue, having Bretton's edition of the Pupilla bound with it and Latin postils printed at Lyons in 1514, belonged to the Benedictines at Brauweiler (Rhineland).
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Second, under the title "Blossoms and Bouquets from Luther's Thought," he describes topical collections and reprints of various publications by Luther, such as postils, catechism, hymns, prayers, and prophetic predictions (chapter 7).