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The objective of this postmarketing surveillance study was to determine whether oral use of Collagen Hydrolysate CH-Alpha(TM) in athletically active individuals suffering from arthralgia induced by high-intensity athletic activity confers benefit in terms of improvement in pain, functional limitations, or inflammatory activity.
The integrated offering is intended to speed processing and retrieval of data from clinical trial through postmarketing surveillance.
The data come from postmarketing surveillance since September of Japan's first 3,400 users of the drug.
Additional funders of the ARAMIS Postmarketing Surveillance Program, which Singh directs at Stanford, include Boehringer Ingleheim Pharmaceuticals Inc.
The study reviewed the pregnancy outcomes in women treated with COPAXONE(R) through 21 global clinical trials and postmarketing surveillance data.
Definitive answers regarding the clinical significance of these abnormalities will require a large postmarketing surveillance experience.
As a member of MDS Pharmaceutical Services, MDS Harris has joined MDS Panlab, MDS Neo-Pharm, MDS Tricon, MDS Clinical Trial Laboratories, MDS Glarif Cerba, and MDS Analytical Solutions to provide complete drug-development services, ranging from discovery and preclinical research to postmarketing surveillance studies.
The company has agreed to monitor the incidence of heart block in patients after treatment with Freezor, as part of postmarketing surveillance.
The efficacy and safety of nabumetone have been evaluated in postmarketing surveillance of more than 26,000 patients in West Germany and close to 11,000 patients in the United Kingdom.
Additional reports of TB cases began to surface during postmarketing surveillance of infliximab and etanercept.
The risk of lymphoma associated with currently available tumor necrosis factor-[alpha] inhibitors doesn't appear any higher than it is in the general rheumatoid arthritis population, according to postmarketing surveillance reports presented to a panel of the Food and Drug Administration.