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POSTMASTER GENERAL. The chief officer of the post office department of the United States. Various duties are imposed upon this officer by the acts of congress of March 3, 1825, and July 2, 1836, which will be found under the articles Mail; Post Office and Postage.
     2. The act of February 20, 1819, 3 Story's L. U. S. 1720, gives the postmaster general a salary of four thousand dollars per annum and that of March 2, 1827, 3 Story's L. U. S. 2076, declares there shall be paid, annually, to the postmaster general two thousand dollars, in addition to his present salary.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Every year the Committee makes about 35 stamp recommendations to the Postmaster General, who then makes the final decision.
He has explored the pertinent primary sources, relying particularly on the records of the second assistant postmaster general, and plowed through the extensive secondary literature.
The message of the director general, Bishar Abdirahman Hussein of Kenya, emphasised on keeping the postal sector updated with the ongoing changes in the world, and was read by deputy postmaster general (admin), Metropolitan Circle, Mustafa Kamal.
I didn't realize that, after an interval when Lito Banayo, Golez's successor, served as postmaster general, he (Golez) returned to his old position and served as postmaster general under Cory Aquino.
And now, the region will this year be part of a number of activities planned by Royal Mail to mark the milestone year of the Special Stamps programme, which was launched by the Postmaster General of the time, Tony Benn, in 1965.
An example of a paradox is the US Postmaster General issuing a stamp with the image of Steve Jobs (whose success with Apple and Internet hastened the demise of snail mail).
CUTLINE: District Manager Mike Powers presents a signed certificate from the postmaster general of the United States to Mary "Cathy" Moody, newly appointed Jefferson postmaster.
The Royal Mail was formerly in the charge of a government minister, the Postmaster General. It is now treated as a private company, needing to be profitable or at least balancing the books.
ACTRESS Pamela Anderson has urged the US Postmaster General to refuse a request by KFC for a stamp featuring Colonel Sanders.
"You have worked with us to introduce new ideas, new practices and new procedures that ultimately result in higher quality products and services," Postmaster General John E.
Postal Service met for the first time and heard from USPS Postmaster General James Potter as well as a representative from the Department of Treasury.
Henderson's first official acts as the new postmaster general was to wave the white flag of surrender in the face of furious newspaper industry opposition to the U.S.