Postmaster general

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POSTMASTER GENERAL. The chief officer of the post office department of the United States. Various duties are imposed upon this officer by the acts of congress of March 3, 1825, and July 2, 1836, which will be found under the articles Mail; Post Office and Postage.
     2. The act of February 20, 1819, 3 Story's L. U. S. 1720, gives the postmaster general a salary of four thousand dollars per annum and that of March 2, 1827, 3 Story's L. U. S. 2076, declares there shall be paid, annually, to the postmaster general two thousand dollars, in addition to his present salary.

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The Postmaster General urged the mailing industry in attendance to talk with customers about new ways of using data and analytics to optimize return on mail and integrated campaigns.
With Postmaster General, solution providers can integrate unprecedented email privacy either from gateway-to-gateway, desktop-to-desktop, or any combination needed.
The Committee makes its recommendation to the Postmaster General who makes the final decision.
Today's announcement by Postmaster General Donahoe to eliminate six-day delivery is yet another death knell for the quality service provided by the U.
Who Patrick Donahoe Postmaster General and CEO Joseph Corbett Chief Financial Officer and Executive Vice President
Post office closures should be immediately suspended and the entire current management - from Chief Executive Adam Crozier downwards - replaced by a government-appointed Postmaster General.
Who: Patrick Donahoe, Postmaster General USPS Pete Fontana, Chief Elf, Operations, Postal Holidays, USPS PS-33 schoolchildren
RAWALPINDI, July 29, 2011 (Balochistan Times): National Assemblys Standing Committee on Postal Services lead by its Chairman Pir Muhammad Aslam Bodla paid a visit to the office of Postmaster General Rawalpindi and Rawalpindi General Post Office (GPO) on Thursday.
At one time in the past the Post Office was under the control of a government minister, the Postmaster General, who was also in charge of telecommunications.
I wish it weren't," says Anthony Frank, who took office as postmaster general 16 months ago and has earned high marks since.
Jack Potter, USPS Postmaster General and Chief Executive Officer, said the relationship with UPS supports the Postal Service's mission of providing superior service to the nation's mailers.
Tenders are invited for Supply And Fixing Of Modular Furniture In The Office Of Postmaster General Indore