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POSTMAN, Eng. law. A barrister in the court of exchequer, who has precedence in: motions.

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Addressing the opening ceremony of photo exhibition, postal secretary said the joint initiative of photo exhibition and screening of documentary on the postmen would open more avenues for Pakistan Post and Embassy of China.
The uniform will provide a strong brand identity of the Department of Posts as it provides for easy identification of postmen staff.
Secret footage showed a gang member boasting that he has already recruited postmen in Birmingham and the capital.
Shut up moaning about having up go to Holmfirth and think about the injured postmen.
Mr Pawsey said: "It was great to meet the hard-working Royal Mail postmen and women at Rugby delivery office and to see at first hand just how much effort they put into delivering for people at this time of year.
Over 300 postmen are appointed in post offices operating all over the district Rawalpindi.
Since April 2011, there have been over "Since April 2011, there have been over 5500 attacks on Royal Mail postmen 5500 attacks on Royal Mail postmen and women, some leading to a and women, some leading to a permanent, disabling injury.
e details emerged as Royal Mail launched an awareness drive to highlight the risks dogs posed to postmen and women.
Delivery office manager Jim Davies said: "We are delighted that Mr Davies took the time to experience the everyday challenges faced by our delivery postmen and women.
Mr McDonald is one of a number of local MPs being invited to go out with postmen and women across the UK to see how Royal Mail delivers the post.
21 -- The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) has arrested 11 Postmen, on charges of collecting bribe to disburse old age pension amount to concern persons.
POSTMEN in Wales were attacked by dogs, geese and even pheasants last year the Royal Mail has revealed.

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