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The extent of her involvement is impressive; she was engaged in deep ethnography for eighteen months, during which she conducted interviews, lived, ate, and worked alongside the Siervas postulants.
It tells the story of a young postulant, Maria, as she becomes a part of the musical von Trapp family.
The bishop laments: "The lack of faith-knowledge, rich Catholic historical tradition in today's postulants (whose fault is that?
In 1941 when she entered the order, she said, "there were 100 of us and no postulants.
Dans ce domaine, Mitt Romney et le comite d'action politique ("Super PAC") qui le soutient se sont montres de loin les plus efficaces des postulants republicains.
She also served as local superior for sisters attending Boston College and later became director of postulants.
Generations of Anglican clergy, postulants, and members of religious communities have accepted the emotional sacrifices asked of them, and many continue to do so.
It was believed the austerity of the nuns' life led a large number of postulants to drop out before their final vows, even though the nuns no longer have to shave their heads and the iron-barred windows have gone.
As the orders drew postulants from those they served, they too eventually became Irish in composition.
Au sein du comite executif de la Fifa, figurent des proches du president de l'UEFA mais aussi un candidat a la Presidence de la Fifa, Cheikh Salman, et egalement des soutiens d'autres postulants.
The Governor said that the success of the elections would depend on fair and honest campaign practices between candidates and the voters' awareness in casting their ballots in favour of the most eligible postulants.