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She screams at a postulant for a minor violation and reduces her to crying and crawling along the ground before a summary dismissal.
The extent of her involvement is impressive; she was engaged in deep ethnography for eighteen months, during which she conducted interviews, lived, ate, and worked alongside the Siervas postulants. Lester's case study has broader implications, for she situates her research in the larger community of Puebla, and as a result of this political and social contextualization, the ethnography and theoretical insights are richer and more meaningful.
The noted shift away from education among the Observants in Italy was at least in part related to the number of mature postulants they accepted.
He continued: "The 'quality' we look for in postulants is serenity; men with a rich, varied 'experience."' Do sophisticated, worldly types possess the stability, dedication, depth of character so crucial to the priesthood?
The final stage of initiation is another series of "exams" that "represent the definitive completion of the man, who lets himself be fashioned by the initiatory practices and who thereby becomes worthy and savory nourishment for the 'mouth' of the divinity." The divinity "'consumes' the postulants" and "grind[s] their spirit[s], giving [them] special qualities, such as receptivity, vivacity, docility, and stability" (Zahan 63).
" Vingt postulants a l'election presidentielle sont parvenus a reunir des parrainages populaires alors que onze candidats avaient obtenu des parrainages parlementaires ", a-t-il indique a Tap.
Il precise, toutefois, que les postulants doivent disposer d'au moins deux hectares des terres non litigieuses.
De nombreux autres postulants independants ont egalement retire les formulaires de souscription de signatures individuelles, rejoignant le groupe croissant des pretendants a l'election presidentielle du 18 avril prochain.
lot N 1 and N 2 35% lot N 3 30% Capacity of the postulants lot N 3: technical assistance 45% lot N 1 and N 2 35% lot N 3 Administrative information
In a statement to Bahrain News Agency (BNA), he urged citizens to vote for competent postulants who are well capable of achieving their "ambitions and aspirations".
Les grandes lignes de ce nouveau systeme qui entrera en vigueur des la publication des textes y afferents au Journal officiel ont ete presentees, jeudi, lors d'une conference de presse, ou le president de cette instance, Nouri Lejmi, a precise que ces instruments fixent les droits et obligations des etablissements de radio et de television sur la base du principe de l'egalite des postulants devant la loi.
Ce texte stipule la mise en place d'une commission interministerielle centrale, dont la mission essentielle est de traiter les demandes de bourse de merite selon des criteres bien definis, garantissant l'egalite des chances entre les postulants.