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It may be the scent of your soap and pot pourri is similar to that found in these two plants, or the leaves or flowers of the actual plants have been used.
The teen heart-throb revealed: "My nan thought she was eating crisps out of these bowls, but it was actually pot pourri.
Use oil in a pot pourri dish or snip lavender from the garden and place it near a radiator where the heat will release the aroma.
It's chokka with a pot pourri of actors,musos, weir dos and clowns.
I will pay through the nose for washing powder that makes my clothes small like a spring morning in the Alps, and a small fortune for candles, pot pourri and room fresheners, so my house smells like a pine forest/lemon grove/sea breeze (delete as required).
The Milford Collection separately clinched about pounds 5,000 worth of business for its soap cakes, pot pourri and bathtime aromatherapy products at the fair.
Tobacco smoke and pet smells are the most offending pongs, with sour milk, rotten food and pot pourri not far behind.
The peach pot pourri from Marks & Spencer is by far the best, because it's sweet smelling and very refreshing.
With less time, add the touches anyway in tablecloth, candles, pot pourri and vases.
Pot pourri is the traditional way of capturing the scents and colours of the summer herb garden and, by collecting petals and leaves over a period of time you can make a special blend from your own plants.
The spokes can be made from brick paving and the planting of different segments can be themed in some way - plants for the kitchen, for pot pourri, for medicine.