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I filled coffee jars with pot pourri and decorated the tops, then sold them," she said.
London, Feb 5 (ANI): The traditional pot pourri is fast disappearing as more and more Britons prefer to spend millions of pounds on air fresheners and scented candles.
I am with the comedian Dara O'Briain who points out traditional remedies get tested over the years and those that work become medicines and the rest are just broth or pot pourri.
Eventually, some of the scenes that have appeared to be freestanding stories are seen to be linked in what is a pot pourri of apparent bomb plots and very real bullying by individuals, either in the bedroom or in the workplace - that sort of terrorism.
He employs a large orchestra, with a big body of strings and percussion, very deftly in this delightful pot pourri of operatic themes.
As always with such collections this is something of a pot pourri but the essays are generally of a high quality.
This book contains a pot pourri of information for anyone travelling southern Alberta's byways.
Q I WANT to make my own pot pourri to give as gifts next Christmas.
Gather and dry the flowers of colourful herbs such as marigold, chamomile and dill, which add fragrance and colour to pot pourri.
In addition to tips for troubleshooting and remediating indoor air quality problems, there is also a pot pourri of health information.
You have to be very precise with the underscore towards the end of the address to avoid a pot pourri of architecture, art and really tiresome soft core.
There you will find what can best be described as a pot pourri of greyhound texts and pictures including a history of the breed and sport, various little known facts, extracts from articles Michael has written for greyhound magazines and access to a selection of greyhound images that can be downloaded, free of charge, as backgrounds for your PC.