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What are the key success and risk factors in the potato chips industry?
He said production of potato chips under the Wachusett name will continue.
Half of the rats in each group also were fed Pringles potato chips that are high in fat and calories.
Eating a relatively large amount of potato chips for four weeks increased both the oxidation of LDL and C-reactive protein levels, suggesting that overdoing it on potato chips can promote the development of cardiovascular disease.
The potato chip line consists of five flavors including slightly salted, Mediterranean garlic & herb, Italiano four cheeses, Pacific rim BBQ and spicy Rio habanero, all containing 40% less fat than average potato chips and are sold in six-ounce packages with an SRP of $3.
The company has earmarked Dh10 million in 2008 towards the development, manufacturing and promotion of the gourmet potato chips.
Although our potato chips and mixed root vegetable chips lie at the heart of our success, we are excited about introducing another premium snack offering to our growing customer base.
Tyrrells Potato Chips has been recognised after scooping the AXA Small to Medium Sized Business of the Year Award for the region.
Boston browned potatoes are boiled; tossed with paprika, salt, and pepper; and oven-browned, while Saratoga potatoes are thick homemade potato chips.
But potato chips fried in canola oil with 78% oleic acid and 19% linoleic acid have less fried potato flavor than potato chips fried in canola oil with 64% oleic acid and 24% linoleic acid.
William Chase of Tyrrells Potato Chips was ecstatic to win the Sir Alistair Grant Award for Outstanding Small Business 2003, presented at the Food Industry Awards Ceremony at the Royal Lancaster Hotel in London last October.
The Hain Celestial Group has announced that Garden of Eatin', the number one brand of natural tortilla chips, is re-launching new Garden of Eatin' Potato Chips, made with organic whole potatoes.