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However, the current lateral planning methods, such as the potential field, grid based search method, and sample based method and discrete optimization method, can only meet parts of these requirements.
UAV path planning using artificial potential field method updated by optimal control theory.
It is believed that the change of the potential is affected directly by the background potential field produced by the thundercloud which is almost linear at altitude 200~800 m.
rep] between the robot and the obstacles prevents a collision and can be induced by the sum of the negative gradients of the potential field, as in
This novel algorithm for a postural controller includes many customizable features (number of electrodes, cursor-control schemes, potential field designs, postural map designs, etc.
1], an electric potential field [phi] : [0,T] [right arrow] W, an electric displacement field D : [0, T] [right arrow]H and a wear function w : [0,T] [right arrow] [L.
The experimental results show that it is enough to perform the search for mirror image N=6 times to get an acceptable view of the potential field streamlines.
In fact they identify no less than eight possible orientations in the field of affect studies, crossing such domains as (post) phenomenologies, science studies, cybernetics, non-Cartesian philosophies, activism, non-linguistic psychologies and ethnologies, and emotion and embodiment studies, and state that these orientations are only partial and by no means exhaust the current or potential field of affect theory.
Production will be monitored over the next month or two to ascertain well performance and provide further guidance regarding potential field development.
The local gravity and Magnetic anomalies have a similar pattern than those potential field anomalies modeled at the Sudbury impact crater, Ontario, Canada, where the gravity and magnetic highs are associated with the complex multiring structure (Wrestboek and Stewart, 1996).
Thus, the first step in designing the dynamics model of nanorobot is the development of the relativistic Hamiltonian H that will include external artificial potential field.
BAPEX, the state-owned energy exploration firm, will drill exploratory well at a potential field in Sunamganj-Netrakona area next year as a preliminary survey estimates the presence of nearly two trillion cubic feet of recoverable gas there, officials said.

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