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Several potential space port sites have been suggested, all of which could conduct launches over the sea to avoid population centres.
So in Winnicottian terms, Tolkien's statement about the realization of imagined wonder means that Faerie exists in potential space.
Our Space for Smarter Government Programme is proud to have supported Defra in reaching this point together, we can recognise the potential space offers to help make a difference for our country.
As a result of replacing conventional equipment with smart technology, the footprint of air-insulated switchgear bays in a substation can be significantly reduced with a potential space saving of 70 per cent.
He skipped over the citizenship requirement thinking those rules may change later (which they did,) and looked at other requirements that potential space travellers needed to meet.
The term liminality, originating in the Latin for "threshold," (1) is used in this context as a term to link ideas about the relationship between body, architecture and surface, and in so doing marks the Juncture between one condition and another, a potential space.
The author's thesis maintains that any potential space scenario will result in the emergence of a military hegemon, piecemeal agreements between various players, or dedicated international governance.
Having the module card seated at a 25[degrees] angle allows for taller components near this screw down area and greater design flexibility and potential space savings for the OEM.
Hobbs went on to highlight Voice over IP (VoIP), specifically Mobile Voice over IP (MVoIP), as a potential space for major growth.
Significantly, however, playing operates for Winnicott in a potential space that goes beyond the isolated theatre of the dreaming mind.
But it has transferred origination and most production to Lochovice, where it plans to have 80 people (about 30 have moved from Rez) working in three new buildings on a site where it has also retained the original building, with a total of 100,000 sqm potential space on land that owned by its major shareholder.
Because of their location in this potential space, parapharyngeal tumors tend to be asymptomatic and remain undetected for a long time.

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