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In this article, we describe a case of cervical spine tuberculosis with retropharyngeal abscess in a patient in whom early diagnosis and intervention prevented the serious complications associated with Pott's disease.
Pott's Disease required continuous use of a frame or brace for at least a year; full recovery took up to 5 years.
Shaw[6] described a case of Pott's disease in a 13-year-old boy.
Spinal Tuberculosis is rare and commonest vertebra to be affected by mycobacterium tuberculosis in adults is the 10th thoracic vertebra and the cervical spine is affected in less than a fifth of cases of pott's disease of the spine.
Pott's disease of the spine may mimic other disease processes, and thus a definite list of differential diagnosis should be kept in mind before proceeding with specific treatment.
Pott's disease of the cervical spine presenting as a deep neck infection.
In the case presented, lateral x-ray of the neck was diagnostic of the pott's disease of the cervical spine with a huge retropharyngeal abscess.