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POUNDAGE, practice. The amount allowed to the sheriff, or other officer, for commissions on, the money made by virtue of an execution. This allowance varies in different states, and to different officers.

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To maintain some sense of consistency, we have applied percentage changes from other sources -- as far as possible -- to the last set of SAMI poundage and valuation figures from 1990.
Frozen breakfast items showed a 14% poundage growth, to 359 million, with dollar value up 23.
She also said it is deceptive to look at the gross poundage of pesticides used in the county because the oils go on at fairly high rates and methyl bromide, which is applied only once a year, is used in high concentrations.
In a letter to Ms Hilary Armstrong, the Minister responsible for business rates, the Federation of Small Businesses outlines a banding proposal - an increase in the present poundage for all businesses along with sliding scale of reductions accordingto r ateable values.
Media Star's trainer, John Gosden, is keen to have his big pal back on board, despite the likelihood of extra poundage.
Peter Easterby's course and distance winner goes from strength to strength and the admirable Eskimo Nel will be hard pushed to concede this poundage.
Turkey supplies were up 2 to 3 percent and poundage was up 6 percent from last year.
Weighing 1,190 grains, the yellow striped arrow performs equally as well when shot out of high poundage compounds as it does from lighter weight bows such as recurves.
This excludes poundage for tumblers and glasses, furniture, and appliances, which are not considered housewares for the purposes of this study.
You gain more poundage as you draw the bow further back.
Trainer Nick Pomfret, who thought his mount did well to finish seventh considering the testing conditions, on learning of Lane's extra poundage, said: "It looks an even better performance in view of this news.
By the beginning of the 1990s, distributor share tripled to 6 percent of total resin poundage sold, according to Kline & Company's Plastics Group, a leading plastics industry consulting firm.