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POUNDAGE, practice. The amount allowed to the sheriff, or other officer, for commissions on, the money made by virtue of an execution. This allowance varies in different states, and to different officers.

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Bowhunting success depends on how well you can shoot, and one of the biggest factors in shooting correctly is pulling the highest poundage you can handle while still being extremely comfortable with it.
However, as a result of growth in China and India, the Asia-Pacific region offset the declines in most other countries with an increase in poundage.
From 1992 to 2002, North American poundage consumption of plastics materials grew an average of 4.
But women everywhere can stop cheering now - because lucky Kate says all the excess poundage has gone on to her boobs.
2-million pound deficit, but with new donations the agency's current poundage is up.
It's a sad fact that many ladies get so used to wearing huge tents to hide their extra poundage that when the weight finally falls off they have no idea how to dress for their sexy new figures.
We're not entirely sure if we lost any poundage, but we do know that something deserves a heavy collective cosign when Mobolaji says "That's phat.
The novels in Adair's study, however, would all weigh-in at the expected intellectual and physical poundage for such a critical bout, thus no more troubling a potentially troublesome definition.
While 7st 11lb cox Rebecca Dowbiggin will have to carry extra weight to make the minimum poundage allowed, Thorsten Engelmann will be the heaviest competitor in the history of the event.
But all this pales before another weighty issue: the fraught subject of personal poundage.
The emphasis on weight has lead to even more encouragement to lose 'excess' poundage.