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That means the previous stylings for the Samurai Gear, School Gear and Power Gear still will be accessible.
The Power Gear Band has more than twice the amount of Ions than contained in any other band on the market, and that's a fact.
The motion parameters of the 9500 kW power gear train driven rotor are: T = 60510 Nm, [omega] = 157 rad/s, gear ratio u = 7.
Each set contains the Power Gear Hedge Shear and the award-winning Servo Shear.
The seven toys identified as dangerously loud were the Barney Song Magic Keyboard, Electronic Talking Fire Engine, Flame Fighter Rescue Set, Little Smart Tiny Touch Phone Plus, Power Gear Power Saber & Fazer, Power Gear Turbo Blaster, and the Sesame Street Talking CD Player.
Staff will dress up in flower power gear when they throw a birthday party on Saturday from 9.
When the valve requires switching, a low power gear motor rotates a cam to switch the vane.
Actuators are found in the fold/unfold mechanism of lifts; in power floor pans, power emergency-brake operators, power door operators, power gear shifters, electric wheelchairs with power recliners, and hospital beds; and in a wide variety of other applications.
As recently as 1950, for instance, power gear was prohibited in Bristol Bay.