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Two significant problems have arisen in the DSM because of the inability to temper power inequalities.
In the case of doctors and patients, the power inequalities are huge.
These analyses are different from their predecessors (such as world systems and dependency theories), because they focused on how power inequalities between West and the other world regions are articulated through racial differences (Chatterjee, 1993) and the dictates of secular, scientific reason (Prakash, 1999; Chakrabarty 2000).
In each case, he describes how structural violence and power inequalities work in distinct ways to bring the person or community to the edge of an abyss.
These selections demonstrate how the effects of decolonialization beginning after World War II led many in the discipline to explore global power inequalities and the extent to which this was Western-imposed.
Both views are blind to the significance of gender and power inequalities in formulating a resolution to the problem of religious lawmaking that uses state coercion "to enforce gender ideology often proclaimed to be divinely ordained or sanctioned.
To his credit, he tackles current concerns about authority and power inequalities in ethnographic work while avoiding the paralyzing effect that such ruminations have often exercised on many cultural anthropologists.
Because they do so from their position of privilege, they generally misunderstand the other's perspective, thus reinforcing power inequalities.
It recognizes the many power inequalities based on gender in all countries and demonstrates how some artists respond to them.