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The issue is not only lightning strikes: many lower-level power surges occur as a result of normal electric utility operations, or even home appliances that use motors, such as washing machines and air conditioners, causing small power surges simply by turning on and off -- which damages appliances over time.
Although there is no way to guarantee that home or business equipment will not be damaged by power surges, properly sized and grounded surge suppression systems are the best defense against power spikes from any source.
Some water supplies were also affected by the power surge - but United Utilities say it is a 'private issue' and should be sorted by landlords or maintenance teams.
The current must be artificially generated so it would include a power surge either on or off premises that damaged property.
In the Middle East, the summer months, especially June and July, August see the most sun, heat and humidity * Electricity demand is high during these months and the chances of power cuts or power surges are more frequent* How can you protect your valuable home and office equipment from the potential damage caused by a power cut?
In its basic definition, a power surge is a huge jolt of electrical energy.
disgruntled Krista Day and David Cressy, who lost thousands of pounds worth of electrical equipment, and (below) the transformer at the seat of the problem Power surge wrecks scores of appliances
Dr Woods added: "The data gives no assistance in determining whether or not there was a power surge.
There's absolutely no question that Topdot Mortgage has been solely responsible for the recent power surge by the New York Mets," said company Vice President and spokesman Adam Brown with tongue-in-cheek.
How does your insurance respond to damage from lightning, power surge, and brown out?
The device shuts down completely when it senses a continuing or growing power surge.
Even if the power loss causes a power surge that damages computers of networks, the damage would be excluded, said Keith Owens, a spokesman for Zurich.