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The 33-year-old university lecturer lost his washing machine, TV, CD player, desktop computer, microwave, dehumidifier and phone thanks to the power surge.
The 51-year-old added: "Everyone has been ringing their insurers up but for a power surge we'll be lucky to get anything.
Co In the Middle East, the summer months, especially June and July, August see the most sun, heat and humidity Co Electricity demand is high during these months and the chances of power cuts or power surges are more frequentCo How can you protect your valuable home and office equipment from the potential damage caused by a power cut?
Krista said the power surge had damaged thousands of pounds worth of equipment, including a PC and printer she uses for work, high-definition DVD player, mini-disc player, cordless phones, PlayStation 3 and XBox games consoles.
But within seconds the hospital was plunged into darkness by a huge power surge that knocked out systems in several areas of the hospital.
A nuclear power plant in Siberia was shut down after an unexplained power surge, officials said yesterday.
The incident occurred after the aircraft had returned to Calgary airport because the pilot reported a power surge followed by power loss and decided to abort the flight when he was forced to shut one of the engines down.
The report " Surge Protection Device Market by device Type from 1 to 5, by End User (Industrial, Commercial and Residential), & by Region (North and South Americas, Asia-Pacific, Europe, Middle East & Africa) - Global Forecast and Trends to 2019", published by MarketsandMarkets, The Power Surge Protection Device Market is expected to grow from an estimated $2.
A POWER surge at an Anglesey house caused damage to three electrical appliances yesterday evening.
A MetroCentre spokeswoman said: "There was a power surge shortly before 1pm.
A RECORD power surge shot through Britain during Liverpool's night of football drama as fans reached for the kettle.
CORONATION Street fans sparked a massive power surge across Britain as they made cups of tea at the end of nail-biting double bill.