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PowerShell: Opscode has made it simple for users working in Chef on Windows with a Ruby recipe to seamlessly integrate a block of PowerShell script into the middle of the recipe.
Invoke any PowerShell script from within any OneSite workflow-such as before, during or after a download-and process the results in the visual workflow interface.
With the command line, the administrator can write a script in PowerShell to run though all of those steps automatically and that script can run against multiple machines.
Private Live Virtual Training Class For Automating Administration With Windows Powershell For 16 Students As Described In Attachment A, Scope Of Services.
Lee Holmes' WINDOWS POWERSHELL COOKBOOK (0596528495, $49.
Besides extensive SQL Server 2012 coverage, the event will explore Integration Services, performance tuning, data warehousing, high availability, T-SQL, PowerShell, cloud computing, Big Data, and more.
In turn, admins rely heavily on PowerShell to perform tasks like modifying a large number of Office 365 licenses and querying Azure AD tenants.
The Z1 redefined CPAP portability with its integrated PowerShell and overnight lithium-ion battery.
It covers PowerShell and Server Manager and also provides an introduction to the new IPv6 networking protocol.
Programmers can now automate deployment more easily with web service API enhancements, including sample PowerShell scripts in the SDK to get you started.
PowerShell runner, MSpec support and numerous other features for .
Organized by job-related tasks rather than by Windows features, coverage progresses from managing the PowerShell environment through aliases and functions, role services, managing file systems, printers, and securing the registry.