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Miggs was hovering about too; and the fact of her existence, the mere circumstance of her ever having been born, appeared, after Dolly, such an unaccountable practical joke.
And suppose you were to instruct that friend to help a harmless practical joke by posting Mrs.
I have broken my engagement to preach to those poor drunken boobies at the fair--it is the first time I have played such a practical joke.
The builder refused genially, as he did everything else: he treated the matter as something in the nature of a practical joke, and wanted to know if Ethan meditated buying a grand piano or adding a "cupolo" to his house; offering, in the latter case, to give his services free of cost.
Of the outrageous antics performed by that ship next morning; which made bed a practical joke, and getting up, by any process short of falling out, an impossibility; I say nothing.
I waited cautiously on myself, expecting to be overtaken by horror of the supernatural, but my self persisted in being humanly indignant, exactly as though it had been the victim of a practical joke.
Hundreds and hundreds of practical jokes we'd play on people, running throughout the film set, that we eventually got banged up for.
It had been the bearer of his ridiculous cackle, his mischievous grin, his funny walk, and his less funny yet endless practical jokes.
A lot of people ask how someone like Richard Feynman, who played the bongo drums, loved practical jokes, and was an amateur safecracker and a bon vivant, could also win a Nobel Prize in Physics ("Dr.
Bush loves to play practical jokes on the White House staff he personally enjoys the most.
Mouse Deer is a clever little southeast Asian character who can outwit and outrun just about everyone while playing tricks and practical jokes.
The actor also plugged a new reality TV show, which will see unsuspecting targets subjected to practical jokes.

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