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But we also need pragmatists like S&T; companies with the ability to identify novel construction methodologies that can provide practical benefits today.
Pragmatists often fail because they try to apply economic remedies to noneconomic actors.
But when that statement comes, I hope it says more about Peirce and the new pragmatists.
In addition to use of empirical method and contextualization, "what most distinguishes the American hope of the pragmatists from that of others--and makes it so intriguing--is that it is hope without transcendent foundations" (Westbrook, 2005, p.
Those of us who are pragmatists and in possession of strong and rational thought recognise that religion is but a crutch for the weak minded - particularly in times of stress - and that our presence here can be satisfactorily explained by evolution, and that when we go we are gone for good.
Rhetoricians have figured rhetoric as essential to public life without pragmatism's help and pragmatists have insisted on a philosophy of "action" without rhetoric's aid.
An investor doesn't want to be throwing in more dollars earlier than anticipated, or losing money on a bad deal because the Pragmatists don't have the business pain you assumed they did when they invested.
Early market exposure to the technology enthusiasts evolves from a skepticism gatekeeper to the mainstream market where pragmatists play.
Former President Ali Akbar Hashemi-Rafsanjani is most prominent among conservative pragmatists.
In its foreign policy, Takeyh argues, Iran has shifted from pursuing revolutionary goals to pursuing national interests under the influence of pragmatists and reformers and with the consent of Khamenei.
Latter day pragmatists, realising that Kant's opinion would lead to chaos, have substituted "consensus" for "will.