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Pragmatists also have trouble rousing themselves to action.
In the period from which these essays are drawn, Kitcher moved steadily toward an embrace of pragmatism, and the book presents them as milestones in this development: tentative applications of pragmatist ideas to a range of topics.
It suggests that seriously challenging the nuclear venture will come not from more timid sanctions now, but from measures that encourage the pragmatists who populate the fractious Iranian government to promote normalisation.
Crossing the GAP requires moving from an environment of support among visionaries back into one of skepticism among pragmatists.
Former President Ali Akbar Hashemi-Rafsanjani is most prominent among conservative pragmatists.
In its foreign policy, Takeyh argues, Iran has shifted from pursuing revolutionary goals to pursuing national interests under the influence of pragmatists and reformers and with the consent of Khamenei.
In his taxonomy of domestic political factions in Iran- fundamentalists, traditionalists, reformists, reformist pragmatists, conservative pragmatists, the Leader, and the Leader's loyalists-few see the acquisition of nuclear weapons as a top priority.
For instance, in the work of the architects identified by the AR as Romantic Pragmatists (AR September 1983) who had created an impressive and considerable body of work that without compromise or kitsch drew simultaneously on both traditional architecture and the Modern Movement to create buildings catering for modern functions, while being more specific to place and environmentally aware than almost anything else produced in the '70s and '80s.
He said the pragmatists, unlike the reformers, "have the clout to deliver on their pledges because of their commanding position in the national security apparatus and their close ties to the supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei".
The Pragmatists believe in using taxpayer money where it does the most good.
Harrison said he met a number of people in North Korea and that one of them told him there are two groups in North Korea -- hardliners and pragmatists.