Prayer for relief

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PRAYER FOR RELIEF, chan. pleading. This is the name of that part of the bill, which, as the phrase imports, prays for relief. This prayer is either general or special but the general course is for the plaintiff to make a special prayer for particular relief to which he thinks himself entitled, and then to conclude with a prayer of general relief at the discretion of the court. Story, Eq. Pl. Sec. 40; 4 Bouv. Inst. n. 4174-6.

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Prayer For Relief should put up another bold show for his Maestro South African trainer Mike de Kock, but others are preferred here.
40 Meydan Sporting (50:30:20:10) 29-32 Tamarkuz, 8-11 Frankyfourfingers, Surfer, 7-9 Bradester, Sloane Avenue, 6-8 Layl, Gold City, 5-7 Prayer For Relief, 4-6 Quadrivium, Graphic, 3-5 Dark Emerald, Haatheq, 2-4 Pylon, Forjatt, 1-3 Free Wheeling.
Sanjay Patel's prayer for relief and reinstatement as a member of the BCA managing committee and a joint secretary of the association," Gaekwad told M AIL T ODAY .
The event attracted nationally ranked competition such as Ruler on Ice, winner of the Belmont Stakes and Prayer for Relief, winner of the WV Derby at Mountaineer Park, the Louisiana Downs Super Derby and the Iowa Derby at Prairie Meadows.
The appeals court held that although the inmate's allegations were not "neatly parsed" and included a great deal of irrelevant detail, the complaint named the defendants and contained three clearly enumerated claims and a prayer for relief.
The court's conclusion that preemption was intended in this context follows necessarily an examination of the Union's prayer for relief in juxtaposition to all of the rules and regulations involved.
Plaintiffs' prayer for relief seeks 'reimbursement' of the interest taken from them.
Depending on the court and the circumstances, some students, unlike those in this case, may have a prayer for relief.
Tamarkuz 6/4; Frankyfourfingers 8/1; Bradester 12/1; Gold City 12/1; Sloane Avenue 12/1; Graphic 14/1; Prayer For Relief 14/1; Surfer 14/1; Layl 16/1; Nolohay 16/1; Dark Emerald 20/1; Forjatt 25/1; Haatheq 25/1; Pylon 25/1; Quadrivium 33/1; Free Wheeling 40/1
Day, Imperative, 1-3 Big Cazanova, Prayer For Relief.