prenuptial agreement

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prenuptial agreement (antenuptial agreement)

n. a written contract between two people who are about to marry, setting out the terms of possession of assets, treatment of future earnings, control of the property of each, and potential division if the marriage is later dissolved. These agreements are fairly common if either or both parties have substantial assets, children from a prior marriage, potential inheritances, high incomes, or have been "taken" by a prior spouse. (See: antenuptial agreement)

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prenuptial agreement

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She married him in England the same year after signing a pre-nuptial contract in Germany which would have left him without a penny if they split.
The longer a marriage lasts, the less influence a pre-nuptial contract will have on a judge's decision.
``The message from the courts is that pre-nuptial agreements are not legally binding but, in certain circumstance, they will be taken into consideration.'' A spokesman for the Lord Chancellor's Department says: ``Ministers have been looking at the possibility of making pre-nuptial contracts legally binding and have asked officials to examine the issue.
Don't worry too much, however, because legal experts, say such pre-nuptial contracts have not yet been recognised by UK courts.
Various others ended an engagement because they were unable to meet the financial terms of their pre-nuptial contracts.(108) Often, such cases ended amicably, with the groom freely reciting the prescribed formula of "she is free to marry whomever she wants."(109) Nonetheless, at Rome and those other Italian locations where contracts regularly specified that the qiddushin be celebrated within weeks of the shiddukhin, and the huppah, nissu'in, six months to a year later, such amicable endings raise the question of whether these contracts were being observed in the breach and the custom being followed was the more general one of qiddushin only on the eve of--or together with--the huppah.
Pre-nuptial contracts signed there are going to be as financially important as the ones they pen in the manager's office.