Gross Income

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Gross Income

The financial gains received by an individual or a business during a fiscal year.

For Income Tax purposes, gross income includes any type of monetary benefit paid to an individual or business, whether it be earned as a result of personal services or business activities or produced by investments and capital assets. The valuation of gross income is the first step in computing whether any federal or state income tax is owed by the recipient.

gross income

n. in calculating income tax, the income of an individual or business from all sources before deducting allowable expenses, which will result in net income. (See: income tax)

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Contributing to the Company's increase in earnings, Small Group PPO Products posted an increase in pre-tax income of 57 percent in the third quarter of 1994 over the same quarter in 1993.
Year to date pre-tax income is up 15% over the comparable 2005 period," commented Jeff Snider, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer.
8 million in the year ended December 31, 1994 compared with revenues of $55,519,029 and pre-tax income of $273,234 in 1993," Kenneth G.
Learning Tree expects a decrease in pre-tax income of approximately $0.
Investment advisory pre-tax income improved to $961,000 in the second quarter, compared to $493,000 a year ago.
For the same period, Lenovo reported pre-tax income of US$43 million and basic earnings per share for the second quarter of 2006/07 of 0.
Contributing to the Company's increase in earnings, Small Group PPO Products posted a 32% increase in pre-tax income in the second quarter of 1994 over the same period in 1993.
Adjusted pre-tax income (1) for the quarter, excluding unrealized losses (gains) on interest rate swaps and other non-operating items, was $19.
AMEX: ERG), of this city, today said revenues for the second quarter ending June 30, 1994, will exceed $7 million and pre-tax income will exceed $400,000.
Record pre-tax income, excluding investment gains, of $788 million, or 44 percent of net revenues; GAAP pre-tax income of $857 million, or 48 percent
The company reported pre-tax income of $1,172,418, up 188.