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The pre-conditions and conditions to the combination are set out in the announcement of the proposed offer released on 8 April 2015.
Sharif for taking bold stance on the Kashmir issue and not agreeing to any pre-conditions put by India for resumption of talks.
Pakistan rejects pre-conditions for New Delhi talksPakistan on Saturday called on the international community to take notice of India's running away from NSA Level meeting on flimsy grounds.
The Social Democrats party (SPD) has demanded that the Financial Transaction Tax be made a pre-condition to joining the European banking union.
He added: "The dialogue that began before 12 July to find a resolution to the situation should recommence without pre-conditions.
It is said that the other pre-condition was recently met when hundreds of terrorists were released under the disguise of a Taleban attack on D.
We are trying to get to talks without pre-conditions," said Kerry.
Despite the fact that consensus has been reached on several key issues, some participants have been backtracking and trying to set pre-conditions, said Justice, Islamic Affairs and Endowments Minister Shaikh Khalid bin Ali Al Khalifa.
Summary: Amman, uly 26, 010, SPA -- Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas on Monday insisted on Israel&'s recognition of the 1967 lines as borders for the future Palestinian state and the cessation of settlement activity as a pre-condition for going to direct talks.
The Forum of Private Business said it was concerned at plans to force business owners to report on gender and racial equality and offer trade union membership to employees as a pre-condition of bidding.
Allow for pre-compression of material to eliminate the need to pre-condition most materials Optional "Shark System" reduces shearing pressure of bulky material
With either of these methods you know where your fresh air comes from, where it goes, how much you're getting, and you're able to pre-filter and pre-condition it.