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Mrs Foster said: "Recent talks have been bedevilled by the setting of pre-conditions by Sinn Fein.
However setting any pre-condition before talks is not acceptable to us, he added.
Did we impose any pre-condition when I went to Islamabad for the Heart of Asia conference and agreed to begin the Comprehensive Bilateral Dialogue?
The Social Democrats party (SPD) has demanded that the Financial Transaction Tax be made a pre-condition to joining the European banking union.
It is said that the other pre-condition was recently met when hundreds of terrorists were released under the disguise of a Taleban attack on D.
To some extent, the reduction in the fiscal deficit is a pre-condition for this development since sovereign debt often crowds out private debt," he said.
We are trying to get to talks without pre-conditions," said Kerry.
We are clear and will not allow any stalemate and any pre-condition now as it is not right.
Having a system will be a pre-condition to taking part in the top flight, so all promoted clubs will have to implement the systems as well.
Participation of the private sector as a creditor will be required as pre-condition.
The Council of Common Interest (CCI) has given a unanimous approval to the construction of Diamer-Bhasha Dam, a pre-condition attached by the international lending institutions particularly Asian Development Bank to the funding of $ 8.
Summary: Amman, uly 26, 010, SPA -- Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas on Monday insisted on Israel&'s recognition of the 1967 lines as borders for the future Palestinian state and the cessation of settlement activity as a pre-condition for going to direct talks.