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PRECEDENCE. The right of being first placed in a certain order, the first rank being supposed the most honorable.
     2. In this country no precedence is given by law to men.
     3. Nations, in their intercourse with each other, do not admit any precedence; hence in their treaties in one copy one is named first, and the other in the other. In some cases of officers when one must of necessity act as the chief, the oldest in commission will have precedence; as when the president of a court is not present, the associate who has the oldest commission will have a precedence; or if their. commissions bear the same date, then the oldest man.
     4. In. the, army and navy there is an order of precedence which regulates the officers in their command.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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The exact algorithm is based on dynamic programming, which takes into consideration the last vertices in all precedence constraints visited by the salesman rather than all the vertices visited.
contention that LoP status could be given to the leader of Congress-led UPA coalition as there is no such precedence. The UPA has 60 members in the House.
A contract of sale will not be granted precedence over any pre-existing mortgage unless the purchaser (or developer/vendor) pays the mortgage lender as described above.
"I know Precedence is better at two miles and we got no guide [in the Mackinnon], but I thought he might run a bit better than he did.
The delineation of precedence should address how warrant officers will be categorized by rank with respect to officer utilization and recognition.
We learnt of a few events that had been held in which Lord Mayors have not taken precedence over other attendees in terms of speeches and seating."
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The proposed rule is intended to reflect the Small Business Administration's interpretation of its regulations regarding the order of precedence.
Another important feature in technical line simulation is also the testing of acyclicity of the graph of precedence relations.
This thesis proposes a resolution of what we perceive to be a paradox : a group, the Sarawak Iban (Malaysia), that is egalitarian on the social, political, economical and judicial levels, yet encourages differentiation and marks precedence on a ritual level.