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An order, writ, warrant, or process. An order or direction, emanating from authority, to an officer or body of officers, commanding that officer or those officers to do some act within the scope of their powers. Rule imposing a standard of conduct or action.

In English Law, the direction issued by a sheriff to the proper returning officers of cities and boroughs within his jurisdiction for the election of members to serve in parliament.

In old French law, a kind of letters issued by the king in subversion of the laws, being orders to the judges to do or tolerate things contrary to law.


noun axiom, canon, charge, code, command, commandment, decree, dictate, direction, doctrine, dogma, edict, fiat, guide, injunction, instruction, law, legal order, mandate, order, ordinance, praeceptum, prescript, principle, regulation, requirement, rubric, rule, statute, teaching, tenet, warrant, writ
Associated concepts: legal precept
See also: act, authority, belief, brevet, canon, charge, citation, code, codification, command, constitution, dictate, direction, directive, doctrine, documentation, dogma, edict, enactment, guidance, holding, injunction, instruction, law, mandate, maxim, order, precedent, prescription, principle, recommendation, regulation, rubric, rule, technicality, writ

PRECEPT. A writ directed to the sheriff or other officer, commanding him to do something. The term is derived from the operative praecipimus, we command.

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The mayor's office has not yet published its detailed budget papers for April, which are due to be discussed by leaders on Friday and will include the precept proposals.
There's no "they," though, so don't waste a perfectly good anxiety attack on the ghost posse of the precepts.
The words "Redcar and Cleveland Council" should be firmly nailed to the precept identified as "Adult Social Care".
He urged lawmakers to consider the decree-law with utmost national responsibility that marks the executive and legislature, pointing out that the text does not prejudice Islamic precepts in any way, nor does it trespass on Bahrain's sovereignty.
FAMILIES in a part of Newcastle face a hefty parish precept payment again.
Setting the precept is not an easy job - it is about balancing the needs of the community, with those of the police.
The policing precept is the part of the council tax which pays for policing.
I undertake the precept to refrain from destroying living creatures.
Language taken straight from the guidance, "Expectations of the First Class Petty Officer," has been inserted into the selection board's precepts.
Chief constable Mike Craik said a rise in the police precept on council tax was under consideration and maintaining one of the lowest levies in the country was not sustainable.
With police/fire precepts and other levies this could rise to 4.