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A constable's or police district. A small geographical unit of government. An election district created for convenient localization of polling places. A county or municipal subdivision for casting and counting votes in elections.

See: bailiwick, circuit, close, department, district, province, region, territory

PRECINCT. The district for which a high or petty constable is appointed, is in England, called a precinct. Willc. Office of Const. xii.
     2. In day time all persons are bound to recognize a constable acting within his own precincts; after night the constable is required to make himself known, and it is, indeed, proper he should do so at all times. Ibid. n. 265, p. 93.

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Ballot boxes were waylaid and stolen in physical transit from the polling precincts to the canvassing sites.
Wheeling Precinct 18 is moving from Friedrichs Funeral Home to Mount Prospect village hall, 50 S.
The official opening of the Precinct will take place in August followed by a public open day.
It wasn't just the counterculture-friendly voters in Eugene who supported legal pot, though they certainly did - only one Eugene precinct, located in the Gilham neighborhood, voted no.
Ward 3, Precinct B: High Rise Lounge, 116 Church St.
Improving the environmental performance of entire manufacturing precincts opens up opportunities that would not be feasible for individual businesses by themselves.
The newly restored precinct gives officers in Central Park an expanded and modernized working environment and conserves many beautiful architectural elements that distinguish this 19th century building.
In the meantime, Eston people should be reassured that all the Eston councillors from both local wards will continue to regenerate the Eston Precinct despite Aldi's apparent intransigence on their store site in the Eston Precinct.
Mexico's Supreme Electoral Tribunal (known as TRIFE) ordered a recount of 11,839 of Mexico's 130,000 precincts (about 9 percent).
Irish regulators have set a deadline of September 2 for Precinct to make a concrete offer for Jurys - which operates around 30 hotels in Ireland, Britain, and the United States - or walk away.
Precinct has said acceptances had been flooding in from ordinary shareholders, and with institutional investors, who have around a 15 per cent stake, also thought to be responding positively.
The key to effective political organizing, Anderson said, is to identify every political precinct in your county and then recruit 10 "pro-life" activists to work in each one.