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The everyday, intuitive hunt for hidden or overlooked treasure is the subject of a new photography exhibition Precious Little Diamond: Photo Treasure Hunters at the Newbridge Project in Newcastle.
The moral of the story is that, without political support, stepped up oversight from regulators means precious little for depositors.
Parrott argues that these manuals tended to offer less practical advice than conscious emulation of classical models, and he adds that there is precious little evidence to demonstrate that any French commanders attempted to put the teachings in the manuals into practice.
But there is no script to dig into, and director Ponti takes no chances, giving his three female leads generous lens time but precious little to say that isn't cliched or dull.
In closing, I wonder how some of the artists and entertainment executives will feel when their precious little sons and daughters become the shorties that they so carelessly sing about and promote.
He describes the poor state of religion, blaming, in general, the aggressive secularism in which we live, and, in particular, parents of "families where faith is hardly practised," students who "seem to know precious little about God," and teachers who are, "in large part, religious illiterates as far as the Catholic and Christian story is concerned.
Because there are relatively few fossil deposits that preserve terrestrial animals from Romer's gap, there's been precious little material for probing how early tetrapods evolved into land vertebrates, says Carroll.
And although most New Yorkers have precious little grilling space -- not to mention outdoor eating space -- there are plenty of opportunities to set a summer table, whether at a summer home or merely to set the mood inside a tiny apartment.
As such, it tells us precious little about its apparent subject.
And after school or work, people of different races in America spend precious little time together.
Not only does MIP3 provide an unprecedented level of user control over a given site, but it does so with an integrated suite of code and tools, which require precious little additional coding -- hence enormously increasing productivity for site producers.
Common sense tells us that the market must turn down at some time, but there's precious little sign of that happening so far.