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People's assessment of the current economic situation increased slightly this month, while their predictions for the future increased dramatically.
The CCI is compiled by surveying consumers on their perceptions of current economic conditions, predictions for the future and spending plans.
Presenting five predictions for the future of technology, Wales also said that he would be "suspicious" of any attempts to work out global laws covering the Internet.
* All workforce predictions for the future point to a large nursing shortage
Holt died in 1985 and unfortunately did not come to realize that the ideas he promoted became essentially predictions for the future. Many of Holt's concepts are now being enthusiastically embraced by teachers of the 21st century.
Baker, former assistant secretary for policy at the US Department of Homeland Security under the Bush administration, offers his opinions about the shortcomings of border security and predictions for the future in this semi-memoir of his time on the job.
At the moment economic forecasters keep coming up with their own predictions for the future regarding what will happen to the economy and therefore what will happen to interest rates.
Headteacher Anne Aston said: "Our two buildings were built near enough the same time in 1966 so there is a lot of history - the children were keen to write stories about what life is like at the school and their predictions for the future. "They wrote some wonderful stories and the capsule will also include a letter from myself."
Bank Governor Mervyn King gave evidence to MPs yesterday in the wake of the institution's most recent predictions for the future of the economy.

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