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PREFECT, French law. A chief officer invested with the superintendence of the administration of the laws in each department. Merl. Repert. h.t.

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Carwyn the Blameless, Carwyn the Head Prefect, Carwyn sidestepping on shadows in a sunlit park as a very young player, 'so little body, so much mind, and big ears that stuck out
In particular, the main purpose of the visit of the Ukrainian delegation was acquaintance with the experience of France in functioning of the institution of Prefects.
From left: Almondbury Community School prefect Josh Young, U3A Y |activities organiser Ted Duggan and Huddersfield Giants Heritage Project leader Brian Heywood
She said there are some signs of bullying that parents, teachers or prefects must look out for.
Head boy James Allison and his prefects took the VIPs on a tour of a school.
The prefects have an important leadership role within the school which involves supporting the pastoral team during form periods, assisting with the implementation of school rules in break duties, and leading the school house system through assemblies and organising team events.
Leslie Dickson-Tetteh, president of the prefects, led the boys in three cheers for Her Majesty to mark her Diamond Jubilee.
Prefects, assistant prefects and student council members were also conferred the title during the occasion.
Speaking on the occasion, Mr Kumar urged students to imbibe the qualities of secularism, integrity and values and urged council members and prefects to adapt to modern times.
The children will lead the school's team of prefects.
300), the Praetorian Prefects became administrators of the empire's four prefectures, with Egypt's head being the separate Praefectus Augustalis, indicating that the prefect governed in the name of the august emperor.
Summary: ALGIERS- Banks will be further involved in the financing of youth support mechanisms, following the last measure decided by the Council of Ministers imposing to banks to finance the projects approved by the regional delegations chaired by prefects, declared Wednesday Finance Minister Karim Djoudi.