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PREFECT, French law. A chief officer invested with the superintendence of the administration of the laws in each department. Merl. Repert. h.t.

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Nevertheless, that he failed in the solution of this mystery, is by no means that matter for wonder which he supposes it; for, in truth, our friend the Prefect is somewhat too cunning to be profound.
The Directorate General of Interior Government (DGIN) of the Ministry of the Interior (Mininter) carried out a training for the newly appointed prefects and subprefects of the whole country.
The management, the students said, had directed the prefects to be strict instead of confronting the issues.
TRIBUNE NEWS NETWORK The Pakistan International School organised a sash-awarding and the oath-taking ceremony for the Headboy and Headgirl, prefects and monitors (Class I-XII) recently, in the Arbab Auditorium for the academic session 2017 2018.
by Times News Service Apart from the Head Boy, Head Girl, Sports Captain and ECA Captain, more than 24 students have been appointed as House Captain, Vice Captain and Prefects.
The fourth instalment in this series sees Hazel and Daisy solve the murder of their new head girl Elizabeth Hurst, who has terrorised the school along with her bullying prefects.
Neither did his house prefects fail when visiting lady friends showed a reluctance to leave, for the prefects knew when to interrupt with bogus calls to duty, unflattering but usually disguised by an eloquent excuse.
Prefects from Almondbury Community School were invited to read a selection of poems and reports written by local people during WW1 at a U3A history presentation.
Prefects used to beat younger boys with a plimsoll, and I wanted no part of that Billy Bunter public school rubbish.
A visit to the Tleem-run Dubai British School (DBS) this week revealed how its Year 6 prefects keep watch over potential bullies in the lower classes and swing into action when they find something amiss.
A delegation from Cheng Du City was given the grand tour by prefects at Darlington School of Mathematics and Science.
A new team of Year 11 prefects at Flint High School are looking forward to taking on a variety of responsibilities in the year ahead.