Preferred Stock

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Preferred Stock

Stock shares that have preferential rights to dividends or to amounts distributable on liquidation, or to both, ahead of common shareholders.

Preferred stock is given preference over common stock. Holders of preferred stock receive dividends at a fixed annual rate. The earnings of a corporation are applied to this payment before common stockholders receive dividends. If corporate earnings are insufficient for the fixed annual dividend, the preferred stock will absorb the total amount of earnings, and the common stockholders will be precluded from receiving a dividend. When corporate income exceeds the amount that is needed to pay preferred stockholders, the remainder is generally paid to common stockholders. In special situations, the remainder may be distributed pro rata to both classes of stock, in which case the preferred stock is said to "participate" with the common stock.

Preferred stock can be cumulative or noncumulative. If it is cumulative and if the fixed dividend remains unpaid, it becomes a debit upon the surplus earnings of succeeding years. Accumulated dividends must be paid in full before common stockholders can receive dividends. When preferred stock is noncumulative, its preference is extinguished by the failure of the corporation to have sufficient earnings to pay the fixed dividend in a given year.

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preferred stock

n. a class of shares of stock in a corporation which gives the holders priority in payment of dividends (and distribution of assets in case of dissolution of the corporation) over owners of "common" stock at a fixed rate. While the assurance of first chance at profits is a psychological and real benefit, preferred stock shareholders do not participate in higher dividends if the corporation makes large profits, and usually cannot vote for directors. (See: corporation, stock, common stock)

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Chapter 14 was proposed as an addition to the IRC that would provide a special value for the retained preferred stock solely for the purpose of valuing common stock sold or given in a freeze transaction.
For example, even if an issuer has coupled a preferred stock offering with a redemption date, many courts have held that the instrument was equity.
- USD1,300.00 per share on the series C preferred stock (equivalent to USD0.3250 per depositary share, each representing a 1/4,000th interest in a share of the series C preferred stock);
Upon conversion at the close of business on the Mandatory Conversion Date, the Series C Preferred Stock will no longer be outstanding and all rights with respect to the Series C Preferred Stock will cease and terminate, except the right to receive the number of whole shares of Common Stock issuable upon conversion of the Series C Preferred Stock and any required cash-in-lieu of fractional shares.
Gifford, Managing Director of AEW Capital Management and Senior Portfolio Manager for the AEW Targeted Securities Funds, said, 'We are pleased to join distinguished investors such as Prudential Real Estate Investors, Teachers Insurance and Annuity Association, and Pacific Life in this Series C Preferred Stock. We look forward to being an investor in Home Properties, which has consistently created shareholder value through the disciplined acquisition, renovation and management of apartment communities.
Also, a dividend of USD414.06 per share (equivalent to USD0.41406 per depositary share) on its 6.625% non-cumulative preferred stock, series G; USD398.44 per share (equivalent to USD0.39844 per depositary share) on its fixed-to-floating rate non-cumulative preferred stock, series I; and USD365.63 per share (equivalent to USD0.36563 per depositary share) on its fixed-to-floating rate non-cumulative preferred stock, series K.
-A dividend of USD 325.000 per share on BB&T's Series F Non-Cumulative Perpetual Preferred Stock (NYSE: BBT PrF)
The Board has declared a Series F Preferred Stock cash dividend for the third quarter of 2018 of $0.434375 per share of Series F Preferred Stock.
351(g) to treat certain types of preferred stock as boot, referred to as "nonqualified preferred stock." The purpose of this statutory change was to accord taxable treatment to stock that is functionally equivalent to debt.
Here we address certain earnings-per-share questions related to convertible preferred stock held by an ESOP.

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