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However, Krintz's method requires inserting prefetch statements into the Java source code as well as compilation using a binary modification tool.
Unfortunately, the latency of the memory module is still determined by the characteristics of the underlying memory chips and not by the prefetch buffer.
13 micron process construction, 512K full-speed L2 cache, Data Prefetch Logic to anticipate and pre-load data for faster response time, and Deeper Sleep Alert State for extended battery life.
Also, support from the programming languages for application programmers to effectively use the hardware prefetch instruction is limited or non-existent [11].
The system is network data-management protocol compatible, and incorporates data prefetch and fast cataloging for maximum device speed.
Making conditional move and prefetch instructions available for the first time in its 32-bit architecture means that developers can for the first time target multimedia and streaming video applications using MIPS.