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PRELATE. The name of an ecclesiastical officer. There are two orders of prelates; the first is composed of bishops, and the second, of abbots, generals of orders, deans, &c.

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The prelate added that the Christian understanding of suffering is to give life to others in an ultimate act of love.
Sanivarapu Reddy, but the prelate had declined the request.
March 13 has been declared a day of national mourning by the government as a mark of respect to the Prelate.
The Guinean prelate was critical of the November Synod on the Family, saying that the Church was being pressured by media groups to change certain pastoral teachings, particularly regarding same-sex unions.
We are wondering where the journalists got the idea that Kiril can resign a he is a prelate for life
It was not clear whether the Prelate had done his homework on the nationalist group, which advocates a 'Greek Cyprus' -- a racially homogeneous nation, and wants all illegal aliens to be summarily deported.
The prelate was candid in saying throughout the ordeal, the Catholic faithful can only do as much as pray for Mendoza's and the other victims' safety.
Pope Benedict XVI has bestowed a key position on an American prelate who was the leader of a faction in the U.
The church is also looking into allegations concerning a 91-year-old prelate.
On the one hand the mark felt too easily hit, as in a barroom send-up of a local prelate.
The requirement for becoming a bishop was tonsure (postrizhenie), the ceremony during which the future prelate took his monastic vow.