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Metabolism, heart function and blood pressure did not show signs of premature aging.
Werner syndrome (WS) is considered one of the classical inherited premature aging and genomic instability syndromes.
Marketers note that these ingredients combine to boost moisture levels within the skin, help improve hydration and skin firmness and help guard against the primary contributor to premature aging, oxidative stress.
These changes can lead to premature aging of the skin.
Medical spa services are designed to prevent premature aging of the skin and body.
Grape seeds are powerful antioxidants which blocks premature aging and diseases by controlling free radicals.
A TRAGIC young woman who suffers from a crippling premature aging condition used all her THREE wishes so she could meet Louis Walsh.
A recent study led by an Iranian-American surgeon has revealed that lifestyle can play a larger role in premature aging than genetics.
An experimental anti-cancer drug can prevent -- and even reverse -- potentially fatal cardiovascular damage in a mouse model of progeria, a rare genetic disorder that causes the mostdramatic form of human premature aging, National Institutes of Health (NIH) researchers reported today.
Used and recommended by the majority of leading UK skin specialists, SUNSENSE is an advanced, high-protection sunscreen, designed to prevent sunburn, premature aging and skin cancer.
Thanks to this amazing combination of fruits and organic dark chocolate, these individually wrapped candies promote heart and joint health and a strong immune system, and help combat premature aging.
Too much sun is the biggest cause of premature aging.