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cities whose residents struggle with physical signs of premature aging including sun spots and wrinkles.
Fewer sunburn cells indicate less skin damage, which can manifest itself as premature aging and wrinkles.
Doctor Bahman Guyuron's study, which analyzed 186 pairs of identical twins, revealed that factors like divorce, stress and the use of antidepressants could play a larger role in premature aging than genetics.
Used and recommended by the majority of leading UK skin specialists, SUNSENSE is an advanced, high-protection sunscreen, designed to prevent sunburn, premature aging and skin cancer.
Too much sun is the biggest cause of premature aging.
He describes the development of the concept of genome instability in aging, analyzes the aging gene and pleiotropy in aging, describes longevity-assurance genes, and examines genome structure and function (including higher-order DNA structures and transcription regulation), genome maintenance, instances of premature aging that contribute to research, DNA modifications and conformation changes that relate to aging, the causes of cancer and other tissue dysfunction, and the notion that there is a genomic limit to life.
Point out all the dangers of smoking including things like premature aging of the skin.
These medical hazards include skin cancer and premature aging of the skin (wrinkles).
Although you get a double sense of accomplishment when you ask the flirty guy who hangs out down at the local swimming hole to lather sunscreen on your back (he's also helping you to prevent skin cancer and premature aging of skin), you're robbing yourself of a much-needed survival tool.
Having thus prodded his celluloid into a kind of premature aging (and adding the familiar flourish of a subtitled THE END at the close of each film), Wilcox, however, does more than remind his viewers of a kinder, gentler aesthetic.
Exposure to UV radiation causes photoaging, or premature aging of the skin.
Exposure to ultraviolet rays from the sun can be blamed for up to 90 per cent of premature aging signs.