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Previously, the odds had been more favourable, at 26,000 to one, but earlier this year NS&I announced a string of rate cuts across its products as well as changes to premium bond prizes.
It comes 12 months after the Premium Bonds limit was increased from PS30,000 to PS40,000, with a second PS1m prize winner also being introduced from August 2014.
We had PS20,000 from downsizing and decided to try our luck in Premium Bonds. In the first year we had lots of great PS25 wins.
NATIONAL Savings and Investments (NS&I) have announced that it is reducing the annual Premium Bonds prize fund rate by 0.20% to 1.30% on 1 August 2013.
That is how many of us collectively hold pounds 39bn worth of Premium Bonds - and every month one of those people will win pounds 1m.
Nationally, there are more than 668,000 unclaimed Premium Bonds prizes worth more than pounds 39m.
Visit the Premium Bond prize checker at
To check whether your bond has won an unclaimed prize, visit or write to Premium Bonds, National Savings and Investments, Blackpool, FY3 9YP.
Four or five years ago, our Premium Bond winnings held steady around pounds 1,000 a year.
In 1997, when Mr Brown began his long Chancellorship, savers held pounds 8.6bn in Premium Bonds. Now it's nearly pounds 36.5bn - nearly half the total pounds 82bn held by NS&I to cut the cost of our national debts.
The town,only the 60th luckiest location last year, beat the previous winner Dumfries, where inhabitants won pounds 19,785of prizes for every one million Premium Bonds in the year to February 2003.