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Possibly we buy Premium Bonds in the Titanic spirit: let's have a gamble to keep spirits up.
Jill Waters, retail director at NS&I, said: "A big part of what makes Premium Bonds such a special product is its ability to surprise and delight -- not only for this month's two millionaire winners but for all those who have received one of the three million plus tax-free prizes paid out this month.
MORE than PS8.2million worth of Premium Bond prizes sent out in the post are waiting to be claimed.
Statistical tests carried out by experts at the Government Actuarys Department (GAD) help ensure Premium Bond winners are chosen fairly!
Include any reference numbers you can find on your Bond records, certificates of investment or any other letters from NS&I you have as well as details of accounts or investments: type of investment (eg Premium Bonds); approximate start date; and amount, if you know them.
For the rest, the Premium Bonds tax advantage has gone.
But across the UK, there are still more than 1.3 million unclaimed Premium Bond prizes worth more than PS55 million collectively.
The total Premium Bond prize fund value will fall from PS70,880,100 in April to an estimated PS63,810,400 in May.
From July 31, NS&I's contract with the Post Office for Premium Bond sales ends and all NS&I business will be direct - via 24 hour call centres, online through, by post or by electronic transfer.