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The total amount invested in Premium Bonds has increased from PS19.
From your email, I suspect you're not a taxpayer, the fact Premium Bond prizes aren't taxed is irrelevant.
Across the UK there are over one million unclaimed Premium Bonds prizes worth over PS48m.
Your money is safe in Premium Bonds but, bear in mind, if you don't win any prizes in the monthly draws the real value of your pot will deteriorate with the effect of inflation.
More than 35,000 premium bond prizes are sitting unclaimed across Tyne and Wear .
Premium Bonds do continue to offer some clients with a solution to meet their own individual needs.
A HEFTY PS44million in Premium Bond prizes are waiting to be claimed by savers across the UK.
Thanks in part to Sir Alan Sugar's celebrated TV campaign, more than pounds 37billion is locked up in Premium Bonds - against pounds 8.
WHEN two Premium Bond prizes hit my doormat this week - only pounds 50 apiece, of course, but the sight of one of those envelopes always lift the spirits - I decided a bit more of our shrinking family savings pot should go on this harmless flutter.
TWO women in the West Midlands have each scooped pounds 1 million premium bond jackpots.
Until now savers could only buy Premium Bonds, which have been available for nearly 50 years, over the counter at the Post Office or by telephone.
A National Savings & Investments spokeswoman said: "There has been a seven-fold increase in the amount invested in Premium Bonds over 10 years as people see it as a safe haven as well as an opportunity to have a harmless flutter with the chance of a big win.