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This is just one of a plethora of life-saving premonitions Hitler had.
SIR Paul McCartney has told how he and John Lennon shared a premonition about finding treasure before they formed The Beatles.
Sandra Bullock (above) doesn't know which way to turn in Premonition (12) while (below) a trip in the Outback goes badly wrong in Gone (15).
I had a premonition on the red carpet that I was too ill to get here," said the "Nip/Tuck" surgeon.
Two years ago Premonitions bouncer Ishfaq Ahmed, aged 24, died when he was stabbed as he tried to stop a notorious street gang entering the premises.
Ultimately, the film is about premonition, and specifically the eerie premonitions that many people had in real life, over a 13-month period, envisaging the Silver Bridge disaster in Point Pleasant, West Virginia, in which 46 people died on December 15, 1967 - after the bridge collapsed and cars plummeted into the icy waters below.
Animal premonitions of earthquakes have been recorded as early as 469 B.
She believes the dreams are premonitions of tragedy," said a friend.
After a 5-year wait with radio receivers pressed firmly to the ground, Antony Fraser-Smith captured electromagnetic premonitions of a California earthquake a month before it struck last year.
There are the personal premonitions of tragedy and a vivid, moving description of the afternoon at Hickory Hill when the news came in from Dallas.