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Unlike standard business credit cards, a prepaid expense card ensures employees never have direct access to the business credit line.
Businesses have been looking for a card-based employee expense management solution that until now has been available only to the largest companies," says Prepaid Expense Solutions Chief Marketing Officer Michael Noles.
That type of investment, or prepaid expense, would add to the bottom line of the credit unions and help create capital.
The entry made to record depreciation is similar to recording other adjustments for prepaid expense.
If you decide to switch from accrual to cash accounting for your prepaid expenses, then you will need to file IRS form 3115, Application for Change in Accounting Methods.
Given this, the value of the drugs would have certainly been considered a prepaid expense.
In general, a cash-basis taxpayer may deduct up to 12 months of prepaid expenses if certain tests under Rev.
Although the Company has not yet completed the required calculations to enable it to determine the overall impact of the revenue recognition and related prepaid expense recognition issues on its previously reported financial statements, based upon management's evaluation to date, any potential adjustments arising from the material weaknesses related to revenue recognition and related prepaid expense recognition will only impact the timing of recognizing deferred revenues and the related prepaid expenses.
4 million at the time of grant, as a contra-equity account instead of a prepaid expense, as originally recorded.
960 Accounts receivable, net 284 173 Other receivables 322 323 Receivable - affiliates 36 83 Prepaid expenses and other 625 532 Total current assets 12.
But differences between the cash basis and accrual basis for expense recognition purposes are represented by amounts in accounts such as prepaid expenses (payment before expenses are incurred) and various accrued or payable accounts (payment after expenses are incurred).
Request for Accounting Method Change for Prepaid Expenses Denied