Preponderance of Evidence

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Preponderance of Evidence

A standard of proof that must be met by a plaintiff if he or she is to win a civil action.

In a civil case, the plaintiff has the burden of proving the facts and claims asserted in the complaint. If the respondent, or defendant, files a counterclaim, the respondent will have the burden of proving that claim. When a party has the Burden of Proof, the party must present, through testimony and exhibits, enough evidence to support the claim. The amount of evidence required varies from claim to claim. For most civil claims, there are two different evidentiary standards: preponderance of the evidence, and clear and convincing evidence. A third standard, proof Beyond a Reasonable Doubt, is used in criminal cases and very few civil cases.

The quantum of evidence that constitutes a preponderance cannot be reduced to a simple formula. A preponderance of evidence has been described as just enough evidence to make it more likely than not that the fact the claimant seeks to prove is true. It is difficult to translate this definition and apply it to evidence in a case, but the definition serves as a helpful guide to judges and juries in determining whether a claimant has carried his or her burden of proof.

The majority of civil claims are subjected to a preponderance of evidence standard. If a court or legislature seeks to make a civil claim more difficult to prove, it may raise the evidentiary standard to one of clear and convincing evidence.

Under some circumstances use of the low preponderance of evidence standard may be a violation of constitutional rights. For example, if a state seeks to deprive natural parents of custody of their children, requiring only proof by a preponderance of evidence is a violation of the parents' due process rights (Santosky v. Kramer, 455 U.S. 745, 102 S. Ct. 1388, 71 L. Ed. 2d 599 [1982]). Freedom in matters of family life is a fundamental liberty interest, and the government cannot take it away with only a modest evidentiary standard. However, a court may use a preponderance of evidence standard when a mother seeks to establish that a certain man is the father of her child (Rivera v. Minnich, 483 U.S. 574, 107 S. Ct. 3001, 97 L. Ed. 2d 473 [1987]). Most states use the preponderance of evidence standard in these cases because they have an interest in ensuring that fathers support their children.

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Clear and Convincing Proof.

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Varying greatly from a criminal court of law, IDCFS custody hearings can convict with only a preponderance of evidence. However, with cases of suspected MSBP, a preponderance of evidence remains difficult to prove, and, in Illinois, a preponderance of evidence must exist to remove a child from the home.
And if a contract fails to allocate purchase price to a covenant not to compete or does so in an ambiguous manner, the taxpayer is left with the need to establish (by a preponderance of evidence) that the Service's determinations are erroneous.
Although groundwater cannot be ruled out as a source of DDE exposure, the preponderance of evidence suggests that groundwater was not the primary source for the high DDE concentrations in the residents' blood.
The new rule seems likely to require a preponderance of evidence of social or economic disadvantage.
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However, the judge noted that the jury failed to find false by a "preponderance of evidence" another statement in the story that Ross and Marlin were investigated by the FBI, an Organized Crime Strike Force and a federal grand jury.
(This despite the preponderance of evidence that led Judge Bunton to his "systematic discrimination" ruling.) Ahlerich called back the next day to say he'd found a case after all, but, citing privacy concerns, he declined to give details.
They currently must prove the risk by a "preponderance of evidence," a lower burden of proof.
"The advantage of a civil action for damages is that the claimants only need a preponderance of evidence to establish their entitlement to potential awards," he noted.
In determining the compensability of an injury or illness, the SC said that substantial evidence, not preponderance of evidence, is enough.
The problem with the Marcoses-including their three children, cohorts and sympathizers-is that they have refused to acknowledge their guilt despite the preponderance of evidence and testimonies establishing their pillage of the people's money.
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