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Age, gender, risk factors, presenting symptoms, rectal examination findings, type of HD, radiological and laboratory tests, treatment methods, and follow-up data were evaluated for each patient.
Although fever was the most common presenting symptom, it is not the symptom which appears first.
Bettega et al reported most common presenting symptom to be anterior and posterior nasal drip accounting for 90% of cases followed by nasal obstruction (80.0%) and sneezing (60.0%)17.
Although diarrhoea has been well-defined as the presenting symptom of microscopic colitis, in light of the above-mentioned evidence we can conclude that it can be presented with chronic constipation or IBS-like symptoms of diarrhoea alternating with constipation.
In conclusion, this case shows that VT is an unusual and initial cardiovascular presenting symptom in patients with a pheochromocytoma.
Most common presenting symptom was pain 220 (91.6%) which is similar to study by Dubey et al.3
The most common presenting symptom is hearing loss which is followed by headache, tinnitus and disequilibrium.
Irrespective of the presenting symptom, absolute concentration changes within 6 h demonstrated a significantly better performance to diagnose non-STEMI (AUC, 0.873) than admission values (AUC, 0.728, P < 0.001) or relative changes within 6 h (AUC, 0.761, P < 0.001, Fig.
"It would be helpful if we could know whether the first incidence of optic neuritis was the presenting symptom of MS or NMO," said Ms.
Most common presenting symptom in the current study was pain followed by clicking sounds in joint and then limited mouth opening in this study.
Brito, "Sweet syndrome as the presenting symptom of hairy cell leukemia," Dermatology Online Journal, vol.