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The researchers assessed the age at onset, presenting symptoms, estrogen status, Unified Parkinson Disease Rating Scale (UPDRS) motor scores, and dopamine transporter levels measured by [I-123]FP-CIT single-proton emission computer tomography (SPECT) imaging.
Differential diagnosis between insomnia and anxiety can be challenging because of substantial overlap in presenting symptoms.
This indicates diarrhea is not always a presenting symptom of RV infection.
In patients with human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection, it is not uncommon to see a cystic enlargement of the parotid glands as a presenting symptom.
Cholesteatomas often present with fetid otorrhea, but in this case, progressive hearing loss secondary to poor air conduction was the only presenting symptom.
In no patient was an isolated gait disturbance a presenting symptom.
Lower abdominal pain was a presenting symptom in 14 of the young women, while 11 had rectal bleeding and 7 had weight loss.
Dyspnea was the primary presenting symptom in 50%; generalized weakness was in 20%.
Otorrhea is an unusual presenting symptom in patients with ELST, but when it does occur, it may indicate (1) eustachian tube dysfunction caused by either direct tumor involvement or compression or (2) a destructive process involving the middle ear and/or mastoid.
A review of the literature has revealed two other cases in which hiccups were a presenting symptom of MS, Dr.
Lower abdominal pain was a presenting symptom in 14 of the 22 young women, while 11 had rectal bleeding, 7 had weight loss, and 18 had anemia.
Fever is the most common presenting symptom (42% of cases); only 15% of patients have transient neurologic deficits.