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These data included detailed information on presenting symptoms, the interval from symptom onset to diagnosis, tumor size at diagnosis, facial weakness, the interval from diagnosis to surgery, the type of surgical approach, and surgical complications.
The Hull scheme was paper-based and all claims for payment were accompanied by details of the source of referral, presenting symptom, reason for any referrals to secondary care and outcome.
Pain (proctalgia) or severe discomfort is the most common presenting symptom (55-60%), followed by a mass or swelling (>28%).
Proportions of patients with presenting symptoms are shown in Table 1.
In the meantime, remember that a severe headache, stiff neck, dislike of bright lights, fever and vomiting, drowsiness, and a blotchy rash which won't fade if a tumbler is pressed against it are the presenting symptoms.
A new chapter on tropical ophthalmology is included, and the anatomical description of eye disease is complemented by a chapter on presenting symptoms.
More than 1,600 students registered with Birmingham University's counselling service last year - around 450 of them presenting symptoms of anxiety and depression Picture posed by model
THIS is the time of year when, as a psychiatrist, I see a huge increase in the number of patients presenting symptoms of Delirium Tremens.
Differential diagnosis between insomnia and anxiety can be challenging because of substantial overlap in presenting symptoms.
She added: "Mr Jones' presenting symptoms were pain through his teeth and sweating.
Exercise thallium-201 stress imaging provided useful information regarding physiologic significance of the subclavian stenosis and its correlation to the presenting symptoms which could not be assessed by an angiogram.
Despite their infrequency, we must become sufficiently familiar with the presenting symptoms of these life-threatening complications of pregnancy to be able to employ our clinical skills at a moment's notice.