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Accordingly, we strongly recommend that if you are going to be flying over water and have life preservers, that they be put on prior to flight.
Bottom line: no matter what the water sport may be, wear a life preserver.
The smartphones survived more than thirty minutes underwater with the Preserver case.
Past Preservers say thesite has inspired classic Egyptian movies likeNightingale's Prayer,Post Officer as well as the classic epic poemAl-Sirah Al-Hilallia.
Have on display a variety of spices, sugar, salt, flours and so on to illustrate how food preservers can work on so many different types of foods.
Compromisers and preservers can both be defended, according to Sunstein, but he advances a feeble justification of split-the-difference compromisers.
Mr Farese added: "We believe there were only four life preservers for the five passengers.
The American Wood-Preservers' Association, Railway Tie Association, Southern Pressure Treaters' Association, Timber Piling Council, and Western Preservers Institute provided technical support and assistance.
The Samaritans view themselves as preservers of an orthodoxy traceable to Moses, whereas Jewish interpreters describe the Samaritans as the result of syncretistic origins under the Assyrians in the eighth century B.
The boat was equipped with life preservers,but passengers are not required to wear them.
ALSE techs, on Page 41 of PS 611 (Oct 03), we said to inspect the life preservers (LPU-10) every 120 days.
At the last minute, however, newcomers Rachel Sage and Gregory Douglass step in and act as life preservers.