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PRESIDENT. An officer of a company who is to direct the manner in which business is to be transacted. From the decision of the president there is an appeal to the body over which he presides.

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The thing is that we had elections in November, and the new president of the assembly is a very young man with little experience.
When the reader has finished, the president of the assembly speaks to us; he urges everyone to imitate the examples of virtue we have heard in the readings.
He suggested Hun Sen remain prime minister, while Prince Norodom Ranariddh, who heads the FUNCINPEC party, remain president of the National Assembly or become chairman of the Senate, and Sam Rainsy, head of the Sam Rainsy party, be vice president of the assembly or deputy prime minister.
Vending-services owner Shawn Peden is a past president of the assembly.
After heading Teradyne's broadband test and logic test businesses, he moved to his current position of President of the Assembly Test Division.
If a request from an competent institution from the judicial authority is submitted, I cannot choose whether I will act or not, because as President of the Assembly I must immediately forward it to the Commission for Rules of Procedure and Mandatory Immunity which in charge of such issues said Speaker Talat Xhaferi on the arrest of several MP's indicted for violence in Parliament on 27th of April this year.
The proposals adopted by the committee, on the basis of the report by Ian Liddell-Grainger (United Kingdom, EC), call for a review of the current oversight of the principles of behaviour and rules of conduct incumbent on members of the Assembly which at present depends solely on the President of the Assembly and which GRECO describes as excessively discretionary.
The newly-elected GA President has held office as Vice President of the UN General Assembly for the 2011-2012 session and as President of the Assembly of the International Seabed Authority for the same period.
Ashe, from Antigua and Barbuda, president of the assembly from September 2013 to September 2014, is accused of accepting money to promote the construction of a UN conference center in Macau.
Mohamed Ennaceur, president of the assembly, called it a "historic" moment and said the new law would "reassure" Tunisians.
Tunisia relies on its friends, particularly the European Union, to foster co-development based on neighbourhood and the free movement of people and goods, the President of the Assembly underlined.
Trajko Veljanoski, President of the Assembly of Macedonia, and Mr.

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