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TARGET AREA : Press ups develop the pectoral muscles and triceps, with added benefits to the deltoids and the midsection as a whole.
Now - following 1,000 press ups every day since January - he has recreated his medal-winning "crucifix" feat on the rings and is raising money for Comic Relief in the process.
The gym instructor's routine included running from Coventry's Esporta gym in Abbey Road to his home in Witherley, Atherstone, and back before doing 1,000 press ups, star jumps and sit ups back at the gym.
Take 'em off and do 200 press ups in your boxers then 20 circuits of the school yard in your bare feet.
His achievements include having done the most press ups in one year after doing 1,500,230, averaging 4,000 per day, and the most one arm press ups in five hours after achieving 8,794, using his right arm only, and the most one arm push ups in one hour using the left arm only when he managed 1,868.
Upper body combined a two minute session of tricep dips, press ups and squat thrusts while the two minute leg sessions were a variety of exercises combining kick fit routines and using the medicine ball and resistance bands.
After calibrating the lowest rate at 63 beats per minute, (measured after lying on the bed for several minutes), and the highest at 120 after doing a few more press ups than I cared to, it was time for some tests.
Joe Six Pack looks increasingly like the athlete whose normal capacity is to do 50 press ups.