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According to the pressure gradient across the PV, measured immediately after balloon dilation, patients of different therapeutic effects were divided into three groups: pressure gradient ≤25 mmHg was the optimal effect (Group A), 25-50 mmHg was the suboptimal effect (Group B), and ≥50 mmHg was the poor effect (Group C).
Figure 17 shows the results of the strain signal in basic operation point in solid lines and the variant with the highest pressure gradient in dashed lines.
By contrast, unlike the upper layer, the longitudinal pressure gradient at the lower layer always rules the secondary flow along the route and the maximum velocities of the flow remain close to the inner wall, except at the end of the route.
Experimental Study of Pressure Gradients Occurring During Continuous Two-Phase Flow in Small-Diameter Vertical Conduits," Journal of Petroleum Technology, 17(4), 475-484.
n], which is simple but cannot reflect the flow accurately especially in low permeability reservoirs; (2) power law expression, which is accurate but difficult for mathematical simulation; (3) converting into linear relationship with threshold pressure gradient, reflecting the threshold pressure but resulting in lower velocity in big pores under low pressure gradient condition.
Since the pressure at the end of an element is unknown a priori, the pressure gradient is calculated through simulation, only.
At the upstream meniscus a simple capillary pressure gradient in dependence to the gap height was assumed.
Using the pressure gradient and concentration gradient of the log allows the dye solution to permeate and diffuse into the log uniformly.
First, the value for height (h) does not appreciably change because the flow through the tracheobronchial tree originates from the pressure gradient between the mouth and the alveoli.
According to the company, the device also demonstrated significantly lower pressure gradient and less calcification than approved valves, after 5months in sheep.