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A NEW Welsh language pressure group is needed to meet the challenges of modern Wales, a leading academic and activist has warned.
These are the real reasons why the five-in-one vaccine is being introduced, rather than the absence of thiomersal, which some pressure groups concentrated on.
This is becoming a major issue--especially the big retailers looking to avoid the attention of pressure groups or even potential boycotts.
Left-leaning pressure groups derived most of their power not by mustering large, active memberships on the ground, but through their access to and tight alliance with Democrats on the Hill.
They don't need to be second-guessed by political agitators, pressure groups or even extremists.
The authors suggest that, because of material provided by pressure groups, teachers are exaggerating the Aids problem and failing to stress the extent to which the risk of infection depends on behaviour.
08), provides an examination of how pressure groups (both left and right wing) have succeeded in sanitizing textbooks in US schools, essentially removing any potentially thought-provoking content and leaving behind a curriculum of "bland pabulum".
In an interview with the Church of England Newspaper, Archbishop Williams blamed evangelical pressure groups, which called for his resignation based on his accepting views of homosexuality, for tarnishing the image of the church in the eyes of the public.
The forest resource is very valuable: manage it through deliberate processes based on the best science of the day--not on pressure groups and political advantage
But four of the seven meetings have seen less than half a dozen members of the public attend and, in other cases, only attendance from organised pressure groups has swollen the numbers at the meetings.
By the late 1970s, child molestation had taken center stage in waves of new social research, organized pressure groups, media blitzes, and heralded legislative reform.