Presumptive heir

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PRESUMPTIVE HEIR. One who, if the ancestor should die immediately, would under the present circumstances of things be his heir, but whose right of inheritance may be defeated by the contingency of some nearer heir being born; as a brother, who is the presumptive heir, may be defeated by the birth of a child to the ancestor. 2 Bl. Com. 208.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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CAIRO: Though he still delivers a speech like an aloof corporate executive announcing quarterly profits, the son and presumptive heir of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak is busy remolding his image into a populist who can deliver prosperity for the struggling population in this key US ally.
Bush, who invited Podhoretz to the White House to discuss the book in August of last year, and his presumptive heir, John McCain, whom Podhoretz hopes to influence.
While serving as Chancellor (and maintaining his position as the presumptive heir to Blair), Brown has seemed wary of foreign affairs, limiting his statements and actions to development in Africa and a key role in eliminating the debt of less developed countries around the world.
Meredith is a terrific protagonist as she struggles with understanding Rowena's will and the reaction of the presumptive heir to learning who his biological family is.
Instead there is the usual partisan sniping, instantly discounted by both the government and the public, and the endless, obsessive soap opera of Blair's relationship with Chancellor Gordon Brown, his former rival and presumptive heir.
The Defender is descended of a respectable family in the other end of the Island, and is presumptive heir to a considerable fortune, from which circumstances as well as the Rank he has already attained in his military profession, he is well entitled to form a very respectable alliance in the way of marriage The pursuer on the other hand is a person in the most obscure rank of life.
It could be he finds his presumptive heir ndash the DP ndash unpalatable for some reason.
But now that sibling is dead, and Dominick is the presumptive heir to a viscountcy.
Carol Solomon (Bell), an underachieving vocal coach, has lived in the shadow of her pompous, Randy father Sam Sotto (a terrific Fred Melamed), the presumptive heir to the LaFontaine throne.
Koizumi and by his presumptive heir Shinzo Abe, who have implied that Mr.
But George Mitchell's presumptive heir, South Dakota's Tom Daschle, is hardly the kind of leader one wants in a dogfight.
"He will take the company to its next level and give our company rejuvenated energy and innovation." He is the presumptive heir of Moonstone.